New editions

Iwan Müller (1786-1854)
Quartet no. 2 for Clarinet, Violin, Viola and Cello

Philipp Scharwenka (1847-1917)
Selected Pieces for Piano Four-Hands

Ignacy Feliks Dobrzynski (1807-1867)
Grand Trio Op. 17 for Piano, Violin and Cello

Frantisek Knize (1784-1840)
Selected Pieces for Guitar

Michal Bergson (1820-1898)
Selected Pieces for Piano

Henryk Wieniawski (1835-1880)
Polonaise brillante op. 4 for Violin and Piano (French version!)

Witold Friemann (1889-1977)
Pieces for Clarinet and Piano vol. 3

Moniuszko / Komorowski / Biernacki / Dluski
Trios vol. 2 for Voice, Cello and Piano

Iwan Müller1786-1854)
Adagio et Polonaise op. 30 & op. 54 for Clarinet and Piano

Feliks Janiewicz (1762-1848)
Divertimento for Cello and Piano