New editions

Dobrzynski, Lubomirski, Nowakowski
Trios vol. 1 for Voice, Cello and Piano

Molino, Lhoyer, Carulli, Blum, Harder, Kreutzer and others
Variations on theme God save the King for Guitar

Zygmunt Zaremba (1861-1915)
Trio-Fantaisie Op. 51 for Piano, Violin and Cello

Michal Jozefowicz (1869-1941)
Sonata Op. 12 for Violin and Piano

Théodore Lalliet (1837-1892)
Fantaisie brillante Op. 21 for Bassoon and Piano

Wladyslaw Gorski (1846-1915)
Collected Pieces for Violin and Piano, and for Solo Violin

Romuald Truskolaski (1789-1845)
Quatre variations sur un thème original Op. 7 for Guitar

Jadwiga Sarnecka (1873-1913)
Ballads for Piano

Polish Short Pieces for Cello vol. 4

Ignacy Feliks Dobrzynski (1807-1867)
Collected Pieces for Violin and Piano

Antoni Rutkowski (1859-1886)
Nocturne Op. 14 for Cello and Piano

Karol Mikuli (1819-1897)
Jan Ruckgaber (1799-1876)
Pieces for Clarinet and Piano